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Hurray! It is the last day of 2018

We are so thankful for the year 2018! So many things have happened and for us in Joshua's Army, we are particularly grateful for the PEACE of God throughout the year. As you round up for the year 2018, have you got any plans for the family? Have you got a family...

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Say No to Bullying!

Photo credit: Study press magazine   I truly can’t stand bullies. I grew up being a victim of bullies until I was about 15 years and then I began to use my mouth and eyes as a weapons rather than a blessing. I was very skinny so no much physical strength to fight...

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The Father’s Heart

The Yorubas from the western part of Nigeria are known for some great proverbs. No doubt some of them can be weird, but a lot of them are embedded with values and wisdom that trigger thoughtfulness. The one that came to mind this morning is ‘iya ni wura, baba ni...

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My Weekend with The Real Woman.

Most times, we look at the grass on the other side as greener and rosier but what we fail to consider is what lies under the grass. Listening to my spiritual mother, Pst Nike Adeyemi, enlighten women from her life story and experience brought back memories of her style of teaching ‘real’.

Enjoy my extract, for men, from the weekend 🙂 and before you stone me, watch out for the ladies’ extract

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